Elyse Jones empowers communities by singing about the greater human connection. Motivated by social justice, women's rights, & mental health, her music addresses vital topics while maintaining a funky beat.

Elyse chose music as a career because music has the power to heal and express. She graduated with a Bachelors of Music from McNally Smith College of Music in St Paul, MN in 2013. This led Elyse into a career of performing. Having graced thousands of stages over the last decade, Elyse has perfected the art of entertaining. As a zealous frontwoman and singer, her performance experience ranges from filled dive bars all the way to giant arenas filled with screaming fans.

Elyse Jones looks forward to the upcoming release of her newest album, Canvas, which was written and co-produced by Jordan Hedlund. The public release of the album will be January of 2023. In September of 2022, Elyse held an album release party in her summer home of Minneapolis, MN along with a private album release for fans. With an incredible twelve-piece band that was well-versed in Minnesota funk, the show was a wild success. The artist is also planning a release show in her winter home of New Orleans, LA, for Spring of 2023.

As much as Elyse is used to being in the spotlight, the artist enjoys her many roles behind the scenes. Aside from her favorite activity of writing music in her studio, Elyse works as a filmographer, directing and producing her own music videos. Ms. Jones is also an executive producer/content creator, currently filming a femme-centered web series called The Femme+ Project, which features femme+ (queer, POC, femme-presenting) artists.

Elyse believes in the power of music, which is why her music is so subversive. Music is a platform for change, and together we can celebrate peoplehood through song and dance.